Naturopathy, Allowing The Body To Heal From Within

28 March 2023
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Health sciences are one of the pillars of societies in general. This is because health care can be considered one of the most basic services a person needs access to. This is why, throughout the ages, many different approaches to healing have been developed in order to help people with their struggles. Today's medicine is based on allopathic or orthodox medicine, which consists of the use of pharmaceuticals and surgeries to try and reduce or allay the symptoms a patient may feel. Read More …

Lifestyle Changes To Make To Manage Hepatitis C Naturally

21 February 2023
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A hepatitis C diagnosis can be scary, but with the right care and disease management plan in place, you don't have to face as many negative consequences. There are many lifestyle changes that may negate some of the complications of hepatitis C. Take a look below at a few changes to consider making.  Eat a Healthy Diet Work on eliminating processed, sugary foods from your diet and instead focus on eating foods that are rich in nutrients. Read More …